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All About Alex

  1. What is your name / group’s name? Alex Biedermann/ Saving Apollo
  2. When did you begin? The Beginning of 2014
  3. What is your genre of music? Pop Rock/ Alternative Rock
  4. Who are your influences? (Musically and otherwise)
  5. Where are you located? New Freedom PA/ York County PA
  6. Did you go to high school / college in the area where you live?
    I went to Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock PA
  1. What kind of catch phrases do you commonly use? (Such as get-at-me-dog, etc)
  2. What are your ultimate goals in music? To spread our music across the globe.
  3. What are you ultimate goals in life?
    I would love to do a live show in orbit, create clothing lines, TV shows, even play/star in a movie.
  1. Give me three words that describe your opinions of women:
    Beautiful, Smart, and Strong
  1. Give me three words that describe your opinions of men:  Strong, Smart, Brave
  2. Who are your favorite artists? Blink 182, AVA, The Dangerous SUmmer, Etc
  3. Are you a politically concerned person?I create my own views
  4. What is your race/ethnic background? Caucasian
  5. Have you travelled alot? I have been to a few states in the US otherwise not much!
  6. Do you do music full-time or do you have another job? I also work as a waiter for now.
  7. Besides a career in music, what are your other goals? Just create a better world.
  8. When did you realize that you really had something to offer as an artist?
    Once I got my first drum set and first guitar, I learned very fast. Once I began making up original music, I fell in love with doing it. Once I had a shot to make great music with great friends, I committed my life to it.
  1. What made you realize that you want to do this as a career instead of a hobby?
    I had a very important phone conversation with my best friend and lead singer, Cal. We spoke about the opportunity I have to join the brand new band. In spirit I was all in, but unsure at the same time. After seriously thinking on it for a day or so, I committed and haven’t looked back since. It was the best decision I have ever made.
  1. How did you feel the first time that you got on stage in front of a crowd?
    Nervous at first, but once I heard how great it sounded I got past it and loved it.
  1. What can people expect from you when they come to see you perform live?
    Our fans can always expect to have a great time at our shows. The great part of our band is that we are all energetic, happy, and exciting guys! I want to create an environment that will keep them coming back every time!
  1. If there was anybody in your field that you could do a collab with who would it be and why?
    Drake, because we have a full song with a perfect spot for him to rap to. Eventually I would love to collab with Blink 182/ AVA because that is our biggest dream. Lastly, I would even love to incorporate some reggae into a song or two. Maybe with Damian Marley or Rebelution.
  1. What’s next for you as an artist?
    I plan on staying with Saving Apollo to the end. I would love to learn to produce also.
  1. What makes you stand out from the other artists in your chosen genre?
  2. Describe your style.
    We write mainstream music with our own original Pop Rock twist to it!
  1. What impact or effect do you anticipate upon Music and society/culture?
    Personally, music seems to be slowly heading towards an electronic sounding, “feel good” energy. Saving Apollo will be the band to create lyrics and feelings that everyone can compare to. Our dedication and hard work is all for our fans. When we step on stage we expect any stresses of everyday life to dissapear; we want to let the music fill those people with pure excitement and happiness.
  1. Other Interesting Facts
    I have learned how to beatbox since I began to drum; I love longboarding, snowboarding, and skateboarding; I love space and ocean more than land; I would love to do a live concert in orbit.

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