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All About Cal

  1. Name of Artist : Caleb Stackhouse
  1. Country of Origin : USA
  1. Year of Birth: 02/15/1993
  1. Influences – What factors or events inspired you to become an artist?
    All my life I grew up loving music. It was just an escape for me. I could go into my room and write exactly how I was feeling that day. It only made sense for me to pursue music.
  1. Describe you style : It’s like a big experiment. We actually produce our own music so we get to express exactly how the song is supposed to feel. We try to take mainstream music, and put our own twist on it.
  1. What impact or effect do you anticipate upon Music and society/culture?
    I’m confident that we will be able to provide a different musical experience for our listeners.
  1. How did the public and media critics at the time react to your work?
    We are releasing our debut single, Let It Out, very soon.
  1. Describe one major work of this artist in detail.
    Our debut single is called, Let It Out. It has a very fun, upbeat, rock feel to it. It’s about letting go of the past and living in the moment.
  1. Place and Year of first Performance
    We haven’t had any performances at this stage of our band.
  1. Other Interesting Facts
    Our music is 100% genuine. We do everything from writing the songs to producing the tracks.
  1. Your Personal Reaction –What do you like best? What don’t you like?
  1. Define your key achievements. If you have performed with well-known artists or received awards or accolades, then now is the time to rave about them. List them according to their newsworthiness.
    We are just about to make our debut as a band so we are looking forward to the great things ahead.
  1. If you’re in a band, stick to writing about the band’s overall story, rather than each individual member in detail. It’s okay to dedicate some space to each member as long as the bio starts and ends with the band. Don’t kill the reader with detail – keep it focused.
    I started this band from nothing. I was given an opportunity to write and perform music for Facecard Records, but I didn’t have a band. So while I was looking for band members, I was also writing and recording for the project. After contacting a few friends we become a set band. Alex joined the band first and Garette soon followed. Now we are just about to release our debut single, Let It Out.
  1. Who are your influences? (Musically and otherwise)
    Blink 182, The Beatles, Top 40
  1. How would you describe your style?
    Mainstream Pop with a rock influence
  1. When did you / your group members start making music?
    All 3 of us grew up writing music.
  1. Where are you located?
    We live near York, Pa.
  1. Did you go to high school / college in the area where you live?
    All 3 of us went to Susquehannock High School
  1. Do you perform in live shows?
    We haven’t yet but we are excited to.
  1. What kind of catch phrases do you commonly use? (Such as get-at-me-dog, etc)
  1. What are your ultimate goals in music?
    I just want to share our musical experience with as many people as we can.
  1. What are you ultimate goals in life?
    Create a better planet and I would love to win a Grammy, of course.
  1. Give me three words that describe your opinions of women
    Unique, Wise, Equal
  1. Give me three words that describe your opinions of men
    Unique, Wise, Equal
  1. Who are your favorite artists?
    Blink 182, The Beatles, Michael Jackson
  1. Name ten songs that on your ipod
    Feeling this
    I want to hold your hand
    Going away to college
    Let it out
    I’m moving on
    Fat lip
    Love never felt so good
    Jamie all over
  1. What is the name of your CD or upcoming CD?
    We haven’t named our Ep yet
  1. What producers do you work with?
    We produce our own music.
  1. What do you feel about the current state of hip-hop? (Is it dead or not?)
    I think hip hop is doing great.
  1. Are you a politically concerned person?
    I kind of go off of my own personal views and values.
  1. What are things that concern you besides music? (Such as police brutality, in justices, etc)
    Freedom. Love. Peace. Unity.
  1. What is your race/ethnic background?
    I’m caucasian.
  1. Have you travelled alot?
    I used to play ice hockey so I got to travel somewhat.
  1. Have you travelled outside of the U.S.? If so, where?
  1. Do you do music full-time or do you have another job?
    I do have a part time job for now but my music is my career.
  1. When did you begin pursuing music on a full-time basis? (if applicable)
    I have always pursued music.
  1. Besides a career in music, what are your other goals?
    I want to bring people together and spread positivity.
  1. Who were your major influences in developing your craft?
    I listened to a lot of different genres as a kid, mostly rock based. As I grew up I started to listen to other genres like; pop and hip hop.
  1. When did you realize that you really had something to offer as an artist?
    I just grew up loving music so it was always a dream of mine. Once people started to like my music I decided I was going to do music whole-heartedly.
  1. What made you realize that you want to do this as a career instead of a hobby?
    I always had a lot of support from my family in anything I did, especially from my Dad. So I was lucky enough to grow up with people pushing me on.
  1. How did you feel the first time that you got on stage in front of a crowd?
    It was one of the best experiences of my life. There is nothing like performing for a crowd.
  1. What can people expect from you when they come to see you perform live?
    You can expect a lot of energy and a fun time.
  1. If there was anybody in your field that you could do a collab with who would it be and why?
    I would have to say; Will Smith, Drake, Usher, Blink 182, there are so many.
  1. What’s next for you as an artist?
    I’m really excited to release our single and then our Ep.
  1. What makes you stand out from the other artists in your chosen genre?
    We have a very unique sound to our music. The fact that we are able to write and produce the entire song gives us the ability to express ourselves completely.

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