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Saving Apollo: “Let It Out,” – Incredibly Catchy, Easy-Going, and Just a Downright Solid Listen!




In the heart of Pennsylvania, in a small town near York County, three high-school friends; Caleb Stackhouse, Garette Fallon and Alex Biedermann have combined their talents to create a unique brand of pop/rock in the band Saving Apollo.

When approached with an opportunity to share his music with the world, writing and recording for Facecard Records, Caleb made the call to Alex Biedermann in order to preserve the quality of the songs on both record and the stage.This set the wheels in motion to form a full band. Classically-trained in voice and piano, even singing opera in college – Garette Fallon was the man that received the call and completed the line-up of Saving Apollo.

Their debut single, “Let It Out,” is released August 26th. Radio-friendly pop tinged with post-punk, would be the best and most accurate description of this track.  I mean, it gets you so pumped up with adrenaline that you feel you can take on anyone! Have it blasting in your car stereo with some loud speakers and before you know it, the people in the cars next to you will be rocking out!

From the strangely gripping introduction through to the outstandingly catchy “oh-oh-oh-oh” conclusion, this will keep you hooked all the way.“Let It Out”  is incredibly catchy, easy-going, and just a downright solid listen.

There is a bit of Blink 182, some of Green Day and even Fallout Boy in this track, which is just a little more melodic and sweeter on the ear. The song is infused with an infectious guitar-riff energy that at the end of the day is what this sound is all about. The lyrics are filled with simple fun and good time vibes. The band brims with a cool attitude and comes jumping out of the speakers at you, without ever coming across as condescending.

Plus, these boys can play, the guitar licks and drum playing showcase some real talent, while the vocals totally holds its own and never strives to overdo things. Meaning you can easily sing-a-long, and join in all the fun choruses without sounding like a total fool!

And that’s no mean feat; considering that most bands try to go over the top of everybody’s heads, showing off their artistic bravado, while Saving Apollo seem to want to embrace and take their listeners along for the joyride!

It’s obviously early days, with “Let It Out” being their first single, but Saving Apollo sound like they have real talent that will certainly manifest itself in the future, as well as it is displayed here. Their catchy rhythms and great choruses will keep you listening repeatedly.

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